Fresh Roasted Colombian Coffee 2.99 | 3.19
full strength or decaf

Hot Chocolate 2.50 | 2.75
steamed milk, ghirardelli chocolate, topped with whipped cream

Hot Tea (Republic of Tea) 1.75 | 1.75
choose from: british breakfast, honey ginseng, natural hibiscus, ginger peach reg
decaf tea: chamomile or ginger peach

Specialty Hot Drinks
*Try Hot or Iced!

Café Latte 2.99 | 3.19
fresh ground espresso, steamed milk and foam cap

Cappuccino 2.99 | 3.19
fresh ground espresso with foam cap

Café Mocha 3.49 | 3.69
fresh ground espresso, foamed milk, whipped cream and ghirardelli chocolate

Caramel Latte 3.49 | 3.69
fresh ground espresso, ghirardelli caramel and steamed milk

Chai Tea Latte (Republic of Tea) 3.49 | 3.69
brewed black tea with steamed milk